My Favorite Prezi Shortcuts

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that allows users to create dynamic visual aids. Through its zooming and panning features, Prezi challenges traditional presentation software like Power Point by encouraging a less static and linear progression of ideas. Prezi has also added 3-D backgrounds (like the one above) and fade-in animations that allow you to reveal your content slowly. Whereas creating Power Points feels like work to me, building and drawing on Prezi’s virtual canvas is stimulating fun. Give it a try: Prezi offers a free version for educators and students.


Over the past year, I’ve been transferring my old-school Power Points into Prezi, modifying them and spicing them up.  During the process, I’ve discovered the following keyboard shortcuts that have made editing and presenting much more efficient.

I created a Smore flyer with these shortcuts that can easily be shared via social media: Prezi Shortcuts

Editing Shortcuts

  • F – Draw frame. Press again to change frame type (bracket, circle, rectangle or hidden)
  • L – Load a file on your canvas (image, pdf, video, swf)
  • S – Draw a shape. Press again to change shape type (arrow, line, rectangle, circle, triangle)
  • P – Go to Path mode (to change the presentation order of frames/shapes)
  • 1 – Zoom in
  • 2 – Zoom out
  • CTRL + S – Save prezi
  • CTRL + Z – Undo last action
  • CTRL + Y – Redo last undone action
  • CTRL + D – Duplicate selected object(s)
  • CTRL + C – Copy selected object(s)
  • CTRL + V – Paste copied object(s)
  • Space – Enters Present Mode

Presenting Shortcuts

  • Up, Down – Smart Zoom in or out
  • B – Blackout the screen (move your mouse or press any other key to go back to presenting)
  • HOLD X – When holding down the X key, you can pan around the canvas without clicking
  • HOLD Z – When holding down the Z key, you can zoom in and out by moving the mouse up and down

Further Resources:

Check out Prezi’s You Tube channel for an introduction to the software, examples, and tutorials:

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