Blogging Blues

This blog has confirmed something about my personality — I’m a fantastic idea-generator but terrible at follow-through!  When I created this blog a few months ago, I had a list of topics, a library of images, and even some witty headlines that I was itching to use.  I read articles about increasing traffic and engaging readers, learning I should post frequently and at consistent times.  I was confident and excited.

But the number of days between posts began to lengthen.  My last post was two months ago!  At first, I told myself that it was because I was busy adjusting to my new job. 2014-05-18 23.10.34 However, I actually have more time now that I’m not grading papers.

I then claimed I had writer’s block.  But I can still hear my freshman-year creative writing professor pronounce “writer’s block is an excuse for those who have no business writing.”

Rather than blaming a busy schedule or a lack of inspiration, I think I’ve simply lost my momentum.  I still have ideas but I can’t get them written down.

For those of you who blog, how do you propel yourself through the excuses and distractions?

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Recovering academic. Starting a new adventure as a college instructional technologist. Ph.D. in Communication & Information. Reside in the lovely Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
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3 Responses to Blogging Blues

  1. how funny to see this post today. I have two blogs, both of which are languishing. I just motivated myself today to post on the nonacademic one about this very topic (sort of). My advice: don’t worry about it! Think about why you have a blog – what’s it for? Unless you hope to build up a following of thousands and somehow make money off of it, then just let it be what it is: a thing for you. An outlet or a community builder or whatever it is you need from it.

    I find that my own motivation ebbs and flows with my blog reading. So, a great way to motivate is to read what other people are saying. It will inspire you to get in on the conversation. When I’m reading, I’m writing (and vice versa). That’s how I happened along here today, because I actually posted something today (I hadn’t posted in either of my blogs for months), it inspired me to look around and see what other people are saying. what a surprise to find we’re on the same topic!

    And don’t get yourself down about infrequent postings. Who has time to write twice a week or more? I did that for a while a few years ago and it took a ton of time. I couldn’t keep it up. Oftentimes when you have that much content, quality suffers anyway.

    One final bit of advice: when I have ideas floating around but no time or motivation to sit at the computer and open my blog, I sometimes will start scratching it down on a piece of paper. I have ended up writing a whole post that way, “by accident.”

    OK – a long comment for someone who hasn’t been writing!

    Keep at it!

    • pastprof says:

      I really needed to read something like this! Thank you! I think you make a great suggestion to stay motivated and inspired by reading other blogs. I’m always amazed by the quality of some people’s blogs and their ability to post regularly. It is indeed inspiring. And I completely agree about quantity versus quality. I have noticed some of the education bloggers I follow post multiple times per week, but often those posts are superficial or even contain grammar/typographical errors. I can spend a couple hours on a single post proofreading, choosing a catchy headline, and making sure the layout is “just right.” Because of that time investment, it would be impossible for me to post multiple times per week. But I definitely will work towards establishing a better blogging routine. Thanks again for reading and commenting! ~ Jessica

  2. I meant me – the “someone who hasn’t been writing” – not you. 🙂

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