How to Pin a Tweet (and why you’d want to)

I’ve been using Twitter with my students for the past three years.  Just about every day, I share resources such as links to articles, Youtube videos, memes, and other media that are relevant to our course content.  I also use Twitter to post announcements, reminders, and helpful tips for completing assignments.  But because I tweet frequently, important posts likely get lost in my feed.  Pinning a tweet solves this problem!

A pinned tweet remains at the top of your profile page (the feed where your tweets and retweets live).  This gives it greater visibility as it will be the first tweet visitors see when they check out your profile.  A pinned tweet will remain at the top until you unpin it or until you pin a different tweet.

Pinning important tweets increases the likelihood that students will see them (such as a canceled class or the announcement of a guest speaker).

I made a quick tutorial demonstrating how to use this simple but powerful feature:



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