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The Struggle of the Luddite Professor

Many instructors claim they are “not good with technology.” Typically, a lack of confidence is to blame, not a lack of competence. But the fear of incorporating new technology can be overcome! Read on for your Monday Mantra about embracing the uncertain. Continue reading

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Post-Ac Triggers

WARNING!  This post may trigger doubt, guilt, anxiety, and sadness. Recently, there have been lively discussions amongst those in higher education about professors including “trigger warnings” in their syllabi and lectures to forewarn students when “sensitive” topics may be addressed.  … Continue reading

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There’s No “I” in Team, Unless You’re in Academia

Since deciding to leave the professoriate, I’ve read countless blogs written by those struggling with the same decision.  Like me, these folks have endured the time consuming, mentally exhausting, ego busting, money devouring “tenure-track odyssey.”  We’ve persisted in our pilgrimage … Continue reading

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Who Instructs the Instructors?

A few weeks ago, I met with a former student who is majoring in elementary education.  She was seeking my advice about minoring in communication and, during our conversation, showed me her detailed course plan for the next three years.  … Continue reading

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There Comes a Day When You Gotta Go

When I taught my first college class at the age of 24, my undergraduate mentor sent me a “Top Ten List” of things to remember as a new professor.  Bill was always full of witty yet profound advice and he … Continue reading

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