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Strategies for Drama-Free Group Projects

My classroom is a “no drama” zone.  I work hard to establish and maintain a peaceful, professional, and cooperative environment in my classes.  But there’s one element that tests my classroom management style: group projects! Effective collaboration is a foundational … Continue reading

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Easy Brainstorming and Voting with Tricider

There have been many times during my teaching career that I’ve wanted to gather my students’ input to make decisions.  Would they be amenable to a due date change on their upcoming paper?  What resolution would they like to research … Continue reading

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The Sage Has Left the Stage: Encouraging Collaboration with Google

Think of any movie that features scenes of the college classroom.  Hollywood portrayals typically include the archetypal professor, wearing glasses and chalk on their tweed sleeve, standing before a theatre-style hall, lecturing from a podium.  When I first began teaching, … Continue reading

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