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The Struggle of the Luddite Professor

Many instructors claim they are “not good with technology.” Typically, a lack of confidence is to blame, not a lack of competence. But the fear of incorporating new technology can be overcome! Read on for your Monday Mantra about embracing the uncertain. Continue reading

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Voicethread is Now Accessible to More Users!

This post was written by my colleague, Mendi Benigni, on our work blog: blogs.cofc.edu/tlt  I wanted to share it because it’s exciting news for those who use VoiceThread with their students but worry about it being accessible to those with … Continue reading

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Gather Student Feedback with ClassKick, Plickers, & GoSoapBox

When you teach, do you encounter this scenario? Instructor:  “Does anyone have any questions?” Students: blank stares and shaking heads Instructor: “So it all makes sense?” Students: blank stares and nodding heads Based on this nonverbal feedback, you assume the … Continue reading

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Prepare for the Unexpected

On Tuesday February 10th, my institution, the College of Charleston, experienced a safety and communication crisis when a bomb threat was made.  Classes in six buildings were officially cancelled and many faculty, staff, and students were prohibited from accessing their … Continue reading

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Easy Brainstorming and Voting with Tricider

There have been many times during my teaching career that I’ve wanted to gather my students’ input to make decisions.  Would they be amenable to a due date change on their upcoming paper?  What resolution would they like to research … Continue reading

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