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Student Voice and Choice Matter

One way instructors can build a positive environment and encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning is to give them greater control, such as seeking more input from them or allowing them to choose how they will be … Continue reading

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The Minutes Before Class Begins

Many of us arrive to our classrooms without time to spare.  We then concentrate on taking attendance, turning on the computer and projector, or reviewing our lecture notes. Meanwhile, our students sit silently, gazing at their phones.  We may not … Continue reading

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The Essential Role of Memory Retrieval in Student Learning

Exams are considered by many to be the gold standard of measuring student learning. However, most instructors do not design exams that actually result in student learning. Better understanding the retrieval effect will help us create more effective assessments. Continue reading

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Why You Should Flip Your Classroom

Empirical and anecdotal evidence demonstrates that the flipped classroom model can improve learning, attendance, engagement, and overall enjoyment. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try! Continue reading

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You Are More Than Your Course Evaluations

Student course evaluations are problematic for a multitude of reasons. Rather than waiting until the end of the semester to gather student feedback, implement these informal assessment methods throughout the semester. Continue reading

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The Peaceful Professor

Introducing The Peaceful Professor, my series that will combine empirical research, guided meditations, and implementation strategies for college professors and students. Continue reading

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Strategies for Drama-Free Group Projects

My classroom is a “no drama” zone.  I work hard to establish and maintain a peaceful, professional, and cooperative environment in my classes.  But there’s one element that tests my classroom management style: group projects! Effective collaboration is a foundational … Continue reading

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Crafting a Learner-Centered Syllabus

In self-report surveys, students indicate they consult syllabi fairly regularly (Calhoon & Becker, 2008)1.  Yet professors’ exasperated refrain “It’s on the syllabus!” has become so clichéd, it has been turned into a whole host of memes and paraphernalia. Why do … Continue reading

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How to Pin a Tweet (and why you’d want to)

I’ve been using Twitter with my students for the past three years.  Just about every day, I share resources such as links to articles, Youtube videos, memes, and other media that are relevant to our course content.  I also use … Continue reading

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Take Your Students on a Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Last month, I wrote about making the most out of the first day of class, including using fun icebreakers.  This semester, I decided to use an icebreaker that served two purposes: allow students to get to know one another and … Continue reading

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